Make a Memory, Ride a Carriage

FAQs, Other Questions and Inquiries

Where do you pick up?

We pick up at the Tennessee Aquarium. Meet us at the drop-off circle in front of the aquarium.

When are you at the TN Aquarium?

On the weekends. Typically, Friday from 6-10p, Saturday from 3-10p and Sunday 3-10p. We do not go out in rainy weather, when the temperature is above 96 or when it is very cold.  Please give us a call if you wish to verify whether or not we are working on one of these types of days.

Can I make a reservation?

Absolutely! Just call the number listed (423-838-5020)

Will you pick us up at our hotel?

Absolutely, as long as the hotel is downtown.

How much does it cost to ride?

For our weekend rides that load from the TN Aquarium our 20 minute rides costs $40 for up to 4 persons.  Additional persons may ride if there is room at $5 per person. We can also take you on a 50-60 minute ride which goes to the Chattanooga Choo Choo and back.

Will you pick up at our wedding venue and drop me off at a downtown hotel?

As long as the wedding venue and hotel are within one mile of each other and we can traverse the hills we can provide your requested service. 

Will you do weddings on days other than the weekend?

Usually we can. Please call 423-838-5020 to inquire if your date is feasible.

Can we ride the carriage up or down a hill for our wedding?

Maybe. All hills are subject to review. Some hills in the Chattanooga area are too dangerous for our horses when hooked to a carriage. Please contact us for consultation on your request. (423-838-5020)





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